[Taxacom] Rotifer LAN - List of Available Names, closes end March

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Fri Mar 8 14:58:24 CST 2013

This is a reminder that on March 31, 2012, a proposed List of Available Names for rotifers was opened for 1-year public consultation, original text below. There are now just under three weeks to go in the public input phase. Do consider following this process if you are interested in the procedure. Very useful input is being provided by a number of people with expertise in bibliography and/or rotifer taxonomy. For example, Francisco Welter-Schultes has provided considerable input, and Charles Hussey has maintained a list of rotifer taxa for the British Isles, which he is cross checking with the proposed LAN for inconsistencies on both sides. Resolution of these inconsistencies has proven very helpful for both lists. The input and forum postings have been gratifying.

When the process concludes we will examine the results and develop the mechanism for any further implementation of ICZN Article 79.

The proposed list is available at: http://iczn.org/lan/rotifer

The list of comments to date can be found at:  http://iczn.org/lan/rotifer/comments

Additional discussion is taking place in the forum at: http://iczn.org/forum/516

and you can sign up for the RSS feed at http://iczn.org/lan/rotifer/rss

Rotifer LAN – original announcement:

Candidate Part of List of Available Names (LAN) for species in the phylum Rotifera – period of public commentary begins

Following Article 79 of the Code (Chapter 17 http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted- sites/iczn/code/), a committee of experts developed a Candidate Part of the List of Available Names for species of Rotifera from the start of zoological nomenclature to the year 2000. Details of how the Candidate Part was assembled are described in Zootaxa 3179: 6168 (2012) by the expert rotifer taxonomy committee of H. Segers, W.H. De Smet, C. Fischer, C. Fontaneto, E. Michaloudi, R.L. Wallace & C.D. Jersabek (http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2012/f/zt03179p068.pdf). Follow- ing Article 79, the Candidate Part is available for a year to receive public comment. Comments on the list may be made on a dedicated set of webpages at http://iczn.org/lan/rotifer, or by direct correspondence with the ICZN Secretariat (icznnhm.ac.uk). The year of comment begins on 31 March 2012.

The Candidate Part is divided into two sections. Section A includes names that are proposed to be included in the List of Available Names; Section B includes names of rotifers that are proposed not to be included in the LAN for reasons described in Zootaxa 3179: 61–68 (2012). Comments are invited on both sections.

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