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Clearly most of us think that the author did not write "purpose" on

But then, do even humans really have purpose? Or are we just neurons
firing in concert following some higher pattern in the universe, and we
pretend we have free-will and . . . purpose? Perhaps we are all just
organic machines, and what we think is purpose is just reflex
machination? Or are we living in a big video game following the higher
purpose of a multidiminsional Xbox? 

This thread is actually quite bizarre. Whether you think about it . . .
or not.


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On 2013-03-06 6:12 PM, John Grehan wrote:
> Here's a nice explicit example: "it's hard to see how these hair-like
> processes would evolve if they didn't serve a purpose."

"Purpose" is often used as an unfortunate substitute for "function" by 
biologists. Sloppy writing doesn't always mean sloppy thinking.

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