[Taxacom] Unbounded surmise

Richard Zander Richard.Zander at mobot.org
Sun Mar 10 16:45:15 CDT 2013

I think that purposeful selection against "purpose" and other
teleological phraseology is NOT strictly purposeful. Any human purpose
can be explained in terms of Darwinian selection on people, altruism,
memes, and social status. Consider how the present discussion of a
filter is going. Are we considering the objective of such a filter
objectively or mainly with a worry about survival of self, social
position, academic status, and so on. That is, is there Darwinian
selection for or against belief in purposeful freewill unfettered by
social Malthusianism? Is purposeful freewill compatible with true

Taxacom's occasional bizarre discussion and silly responses are not just
a relaxing or amusing art form, but a source of unbounded surmise and
theoretic hypothesis. I mean, where did dark matter and the anthropic
principle come from if not a rogue listserver like Taxacom?

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