[Taxacom] Teleology Revisited

JF Mate aphodiinaemate at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 09:02:28 CDT 2013

Oh dear. Have we become so obfuscated with words that we fail to grasp
sarcasm? Or maybe it is the inability to understand double meaning
that has started this thread? If some people find fault in the use of
ambiguous words (english, a pigdin language, is a rich source) then
maybe they would prefer them gone from the discourse in
biology/science.  David Winter´s choice of words may  have been
unfortunate (it has certainly been painful), but it was a blog, and in
context his wording was not teleological. Curtis Clark said it quite
clearly and succintly:

"Purpose" is often used as an unfortunate substitute for "function" by
biologists. Sloppy writing doesn't always mean sloppy thinking.

Yet here we are, 4 days later, still arguing the socioreligious
inuendo of words. A fascinating topic I´m sure, but started for the
wrong reasons. Now fire away.



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