[Taxacom] Botanical Plagiarism

Arthur Chapman taxacom3 at achapman.org
Tue Mar 12 16:15:09 CDT 2013

Way back when (1999 to be precise) I wrote a paper that was only 
published electronically and in a paper report, entitled "Intellectual 
Property Rights in a Digital World"

Unfortunately - the Department I was working for at the time decided to 
change their web sightand it all disappeared - in spite of receiving a 
lot of support at the time.

I have been able to find the paper on the Web Archives using the WayBack 
machine. Much of what I said there is very relevant to the current 
discussion. Unfortunately, many of the links within that paper are 
probably long gone, but the content is still relevant. For those 
interested- it can be seen at



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