[Taxacom] Disjunctions in the Central-Eastern Alps

Henrik Enghoff HEnghoff at snm.ku.dk
Tue Mar 19 11:34:06 CDT 2013

An unexpected sister-group relationship between two monotypic genera of julid millipedes is strongly supported by molecular data. Both genera are Alpine: one in the Italian Alps, one in Austria-Slovenia. I am looking for similar patterns: pairs of sister taxa occurring in the Italian Alps and in the Austrian-Slovenian Alps, respectively. I have found an example in the plant genus Androsace (Schönwetter et al. 2003, Bot J Linn Soc 141: 437-446) but these are two sister species whereas the millipedes in question are morphologically very different (they were even described in different families). Does anybody know a similar case from the same area?



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