[Taxacom] PhD fellowship -- invertebrate (insect or mollusc) systematics

Bjarte Henry Jordal Bjarte.Jordal at um.uib.no
Thu Mar 21 03:42:04 CDT 2013

A PhD fellowship in insect or mollusc systematics is available at the University Museum of Bergen. Description of the fellowship and how to apply on the web is found at:   http://www.jobbnorge.no/job.aspx?jobid=92343


At the Museum of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen, a 4-year temporary position as research fellow is open within the field of systematic zoology.
The position is associated with one of the research groups in systematics at the museum (http://www.uib.no/rg/pse, http://www.uib.no/rg/biosyst). The fellow will be working on the taxonomy and phylogeny of a selected group of insects or molluscs (snails). The applicant must contact potential advisors to make a research proposal that fits within existing research at the museum. The proposed research must include classical morphology based techniques in taxonomy and the application of molecular data and methods for species validation and phylogenetics.
Applicants must have a MSc degree or equivalent education in evolutionary biology with relevance to biosystematics. Thesis work must be completed and graded before the application deadline. Potential candidates for the position should have some experience with molecular methods in systematics or ecology, and be familiar with studies on animal morphology. Further evaluation criteria include the ability for independent work, study progression, grades on the MSc thesis and other relevant evolutionary biology subjects, and proven skills in scientific authorship.
The PhD fellow must take part in the University's approved PhD program leading to the degree within a time limit of 4 years (1 year work duty). Hence, applicants must meet the formal admission requirements for the PhD program. Application for admission to the PhD study, including progress plan for education and research will be made together with the project advisor. The PhD fellow will become a member of the Norwegian-Swedish research school in Biosystematics (http://www.forbio.uio.no). Museum duties include 25 % of the total employment and will include curation of the scientific collections at the museum.
Starting salaries at salary level 50 (code 1017) on the government salary scale (corresponding to NOK 416.600 per year, following ordinary meriting regulations (wage levels 50-55).
Additional information on the position is obtainable from associate professor Bjarte Jordal (bjarte.jordal at um.uib.no), phone +47 55582233.

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