[Taxacom] BHL new look revealed

David Campbell pleuronaia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 10:07:10 CDT 2013

>a seach for Stipa yielded 3, one of which was for an animal that includes the string stipa in its name.  So, nice idea - keep working on it.<

Conversely, popular names, such as homonyms or names that are popular
species names that are also genera (Cerasina is both, with two animal
uses as a genus and many specific epithets that I know of), yield long
lists of mostly irrelevant taxa if you are interested in only one of
the options.  Some way of searching within one set of results for a
second string would be very helpful in narrowing things down.
Ultimately, the ideal would be to put each name occurence into a
taxonomic framework, but enabling searching within a set of results
might be a quicker way to enable some better targeting of a search.

Other refinements, again requiring time and money, would be
synonymization of duplicate references (probably best to continue to
provide access to the multiple copies, as that increases the chance
that all the relevant pages were scanned properly in at least one
copy) and checking for all the names missed by the automated systems.
BHL gives the impression that species are much more commonly mentioned
in the index than in the main text, but there may be a way to take
advantage of indices generally being easier for OCR.

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