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> Rafinesque, C. S. 1820. Ichthyologia Ohioensis, or Natural History of the
> fishes inhabiting the River Ohio and its tributary streams. W. G. Hunt.
> Lexington, Kentucky. 90 pp.
>          John J. Audubon's revenge on Rafinesque for smashing Audubon's
> violin when he threw it at a bat in their cabin while trying to collect the
> specimen, resulted in Audubon later sending fake drawings of fishes to
> Rafinesque.  Rafinesque described them in his book.

In addition to fish, Audubon provided a drawing of a purported
mollusk-like animal with three valves, which Rafinesque named and then

I don't have details handy, but somewhere I read an ichthyology text
mentioning a fake Australian fish, supposedly kin to lungfish, which
was served to the hoax victim.  He ate the specimen and then published
a description despite the lack of type material.

I've heard of hypothetical trilobites, posited on Haeckelian
recapitulation assumptions, having been named, but do not know more.

The Rhinograde text includes names for a number of co-occuring
organisms, though not described in as much detail as the rhinogrades

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