[Taxacom] Page size of BHL generated PDFs

Dilrukshan Wijesinghe dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 27 15:31:03 CDT 2013

Yes, of course, you can adjust the page size via your PDF reader's page magnification/zoom setting or scale the pages for printing.

But my point is that if I get BHL to generate a PDF and then view that PDF at 100% magnification the pages of the publication appear very much larger than they should be, requiring adjusting the PDF reader's magnification to 25%-50%. The preliminary pages which BHL adds to a PDF (BHL logo and source reference) are not affected and remain at normal size. The fact that there IS a problem is obvious if I compare the size of these preliminary pages and the size of the publication pages.

Perhaps someone connected with from BHL can comment?


D. P. Wijesinghe
dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com

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Dear Priyantha,

I tried to duplicate your situation by going to the link you gave.  I use Adobe PDF X Pro, and everything worked just fine.  The PDF Reader allows me to adjust ths size of the page on the screen which gave me complete flexibility.

I can save the PDF to my hard drive for later editing.

If I want to print the page to my printer, my printer allows me to scale the page size so that bigger pages cn be reduced o fit.

And, lastly, PDF files can be opened in Adobe Photoshop for resizing.

Based on my experience and software, I find that BHL needs no adjustment.

I understand frustration when things don't work the way you want.  Good luck.


Eric H. Metzler
Alamogordo NM
metzlere at msu.edu

Dilrukshan Wijesinghe dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com via msu.edu   11:34 AM (56 minutes ago)     
to Steve, taxacom   
No, I am not scanning actual hardcopies, I am simply using BHL's PDF
generating capability. If you have used this feature you might know that  you can select a range of pages (for example, a specific paper) from a  periodical in the BHL collection, e.g. Annals and Magazine of
Natural History (http://www. biodiversitylibrary.org/ bibliography/15774#/summary) and BHL will generate a PDF and email you the link for downloading the
PDF. This is a very useful feature since you can build your own  collection of PDFs of the older taxonomic literature that might be of  interest to you. This feature used to work fine before but my recent  attempts have all
resulted in page sizes much larger than the original. Not sure what
needs to be adjusted on BHL.


D. P. Wijesinghe
dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com

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