[Taxacom] Sally Lightfoot crab piss photo

Peter Rauch peterar at berkeley.edu
Sun Mar 31 20:31:42 CDT 2013

Those two streams are coming from the external excretory openings (front left and right); the origin of the streams can just be discerned in the photo.

You're correct --the stream on the right of the photo is not coming out of the center of the "forehead"; if you look carefully, you can see the fine, dark-toned stream emerging from the basal portion of the antenna (where the small brown spot is).


At 17:07 13/03/31, Geoff Read wrote:

>This is intriguing. I'm curious if this behaviour is known.
>Remarkable photo. What initially struck me was it looks like one stream
>comes from the center forehead, but this must be an illusion as the stream
>is cut off or doesn't catch the light.  The detail is not quite good
>enough to tell. This unrelated photo linked below seems to show a pair of
>nozzles below the ventral edge of the rostrum, and they might be
>forward-facing urinary openings?
>Geoff Read

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