[Taxacom] hymenoptera - bethylidae

stuartf stuartf at knights.ucf.edu
Wed May 1 12:22:30 CDT 2013

dear all

sorry about the cross post.

anyone out there currently working on the hymenoptera family bethylidae - preferable within the united states.

reply direct to me so not as to clutter up the servers.

thanking you in advance.



Stuart M Fullerton ROF, Research Associate Arthropod

Collection (UCFC), Dept. of Biology, University of Central Florida, PO

Box 162368, Orlando, Florida, 32816-2368, USA. stuartf at knights.ucf.edu

<mailto:stuartf at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu>(407) 823-6540 (no voice mail), http://bugcloset.cos.ucf.edu/

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