[Taxacom] Molecular data in mycology/systematics

Henrik Nilsson henrik.nilsson at bioenv.gu.se
Fri May 3 18:29:41 CDT 2013

Dear Taxacom readers,

We just published an introduction to the use of molecular data in fungal systematics and taxonomy. In the article we also take the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges that systematics/taxonomy face at present.

Hyde et al. 2013. Incorporating molecular data in fungal systematics: a guide for aspiring researchers. Current Research in Applied & Environmental Mycology 3: 1-32.

Open access: http://www.creamjournal.org/vol-3-issue1.php#article1

Although the focus is on fungi, much of the text is general in nature as to apply, we feel, to systematics/taxonomy at large.

Yours sincerely,

Henrik Nilsson 



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