[Taxacom] Data quality of aggregated datasets

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Tue May 7 12:20:41 CDT 2013

> There is nothing wrong with collecting fine scale records on a GPS using
longitudes and latitudes, but when you are using a GPS there 
> is no need for a radius as the error is well within the walking distance
of most creatures.  

You should *always* capture the radius -- even for GPS coordinates.  You
cannot know in advance what the information will be useful for, and not all
GPS devices record with the same accuracy.  A GPS with +/- 100m may be no
different from one with +/- 10m if you are doing ecological analysis; but it
could make a huge difference if your goal is to return to the same tree or
coral head or whatever.  I think it's just silly to throw away information
when it's easy to capture.  It's also silly to think you know in advance
what information will, or will not, be useful to future researchers.


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