[Taxacom] Plant nomenclatural issues

Peter Rooney P.Rooney at student.reading.ac.uk
Wed May 8 09:38:34 CDT 2013

Dear all,

I'd be really grateful for some help with plant nomenclatural questions.  I'm using a 1950 paper which uses the following notation with reference to synonyms of a Linnaean species.  The synonymy uses "pro parte typica quoad" and "pro parte non typica quoad", which I understand to mean part of the type or part of a non-type, "with regards to", but then it refers to an area, author, herbarium etc., which I'm not clear about  If anyone could explain what these references mean, it would be really helpful.


C. Papyrus Auct. non L. ; Clarke, l. c., p. 374 (1901) p. p. n. t. qu. Mozambique Dist. (Whyte).
C. Papyrus Auct. non L. ; Boeck., l. .c, p. 555 (1879) p. p. n. t. qu. Naumann 138 et Soy aux 106.
C. Papyrus Auct. non L. ; Lam., l. c., p. 147 (1791) p. p. n. t. qu. herb. (e Ma dagascaria).
C. Papyrus L., Sp. Pl., ed. 1, p. 47 (1753) p. p. t. qu. herb, et syn. C. Bauh. p. p.. Moris, p. p., Monti, Scheuchz., Micheli p. p. et Van Royen p. p.

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