[Taxacom] Accuracy of GPS Receivers, was...

Robert Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Fri May 10 00:08:21 CDT 2013

You're right, Curtis. In that spatial data paper I wrote:

"Uncertainty in this case depends in part on how accurately Google Earth has placed the satellite image on its mathematical model of the globe, a procedure known as georegistration. The accuracy of georegistration can vary from image to image and from date to date in an image series. One site I looked at in Queensland had shifted more than 100 m between image dates.... It’s a good idea...to check the georegistration by getting at least one GPS reading at a spot (somewhere near the site) which will be clearly distinguishable on the satellite image. Even better, compare the known location of an official survey mark in the vicinity with its Google Earth location."
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