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Hi list,

in the course of a historical project on a German naturalist in South America, I am trying to find biographical data of the German entomologist Wilhelm Albert (W.A.) Schulz, probably born in 1871. He described numerous species in Hymenoptera, for example in the well-known (among hymenopterists, I must admit) "Spolia Hymenopterologica" from 1906. I couldn't find very much about him in the classical resources. He was a natural history trader in Brasil since 1892 and later worked in the Museu Goeldi as a technician (?). Shortly before 1900, he moved back to Germany. His latest publication I could locate is dated 1925. He also collected on Crete. See also a few bits here: http://sdei.senckenberg.de/biographies/index.php?befehl=Details&C_Name=27766

That's all I have. Any further information?

Cheers, Michael

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