[Taxacom] Wuster's Kaiser/Wuster rant and call to step outside the Zoological Code

Raymond Hoser Snakeman Snakebusters Reptile Parties viper007 at live.com.au
Wed May 15 05:54:32 CDT 2013

Dear all, I am mortified that the long discredited Wuster
has posted a link to his discredited blog rant on this forum.

The link he has provided is in fact a holotype of the very “evidence
free taxonomy” he allegedly complains of, and also a serious case of acting
outside the Zoological Code to create serious nomenclatural instability.

The “paper” (for want of a better word) makes hundreds of
taxonomic changes without a shred of evidence, including the first time ever
transfer of species to genera they have never been in and are not remotely
related to - without a shred of evidence.

On another internet forum (Field herp forum) Wuster conceded the blog was
riddled with errors, which should have been the end of his promotion of it!, so
I am gobsmacked that he has dared to repost a link to the discredited piece
here, hoping persons such as myself wouldn't notice it.

The Kaiser et al. rant bypassed any credible peer review,
which explains why it is so replete with errors.

I assume Wuster is using the theory that if a lie is
repeated often enough, people may believe it.

Wuster is of course a serial offender when it comes to
breaking the rules of Zoological Nomenclature, including the ethics sections and for those unaware of his past
practices, I suggest you go here:


His latest rant even misquotes the current Zoological Code (page
20 if his document) and as a result gives false and misleading advice to others
to step outside the code to in effect create taxonomic and nomenclatural
anarachy.Could you seriously image what would happen if everyone boycotted names of taxa they sought to rename and coined new names for them (as proposed by Wuster), and the chaos that would ensue!

A response has been published to the Kaiser rant and can be
purchased as hard copy from:


Hard copies are in a number of libraries already (in the USA, UK and
Australia) and will be on the web as a pdf for free download shortly.

As to why Wuster has seen fit to attempt to shop his Kaiser
rant here, it is evidently the latest step in his obsessive campaign against
myself dating back 15 years and arising from his posts elsewhere complaining
about my naming of a venomous Australian snake in AJH issue 16 last month as
reported in the NT News newspaper yesterday, which drew a swag of idiot
comments from Wuster and his band of thieves and misfits on a facebook page he posts on.

It is also evident from Wuster’s obsessive and improper conduct
that he is also mentally unstable and if anyone here is actually a "friend" of his they may suggest he seek treatment.

All the best

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