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Jim Betts jimbetts at xtra.co.nz
Fri May 17 20:35:00 CDT 2013

Yes, Linnaeus
W.T. Stearn has said this in several articles, the first in 1959.
*Since for nomenclatorial purposes the specimen most carefully studied and recorded by the author is to be accepted as the type [specimen], clearly Linnaeus himself, who was much addicted to autobiography, must stand as the type of his Homo sapiens!* (Systematic Zoology 8:4-22)
This sounds a bit whimsical, but seems to stack up.
The type specimen is situated in Uppsala Cathedral, and was interred there on 22 January 1778.
The circumstances would mean that it isn't easily available for scrutiny.
Google will easily locate discussion of the topic, [type specimen Homo sapiens] which terms out to be quite interesting.
Jim Betts

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