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Mon May 20 14:01:36 CDT 2013

> As to the Aus xus example given by Thomas: there is a real-life equivalent
> in European molluscs for that case, more than half a dozen well-known
> European molluscs have this problem. Malacologists are fighting a
> permanent dispute, usually not on the names, but on the authorships and
> dates of these species. Examples are Caracollina lenticula, Elona
> quimperiana, Xerocrassa cretica. I belong to those who agree with Thomas
> Pape's interpretation of the Code. As said in a previous message a few
> days ago here, I have left a note in 2008 in Gary's ICZN-Wiki to fix this
> problem in the next edition of the Code. Exactly in the sense of the
> interpretation outlined by Thomas in his previous message in this thread.

A similar problem was created by Rafinesque, who managed to assign all
included species in Obliquaria to various subgenera other than the nominal
subgenus of .  He did later assign some species to the nominal subgenus;
these do not correspond to current use of the genus.

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