[Taxacom] Wuster gang threat to zoological nomenclature

Raymond Hoser Snakeman Snakebusters Reptile Parties viper007 at live.com.au
Tue May 21 02:22:40 CDT 2013

Yes she is still alive!!!!

Contrary to several “news” reports today, my daughter was
NOT KILLED by our venomoid snakes when they bit her. Fact is NOTHING HAPPENED!

You’d expect that from devenomized snakes!

Now for some more news relevant to this list, that is factually correct. Today the
PDF files of Australasian Journal of Herpetology Issues 16-18 went online.

These are depicted in this image (if it attaches) along with a few harmless venomoid
snakes (PS Don’t copy this at home!). 

Issue 18 of AJH deals with the ongoing threat to Zoological
nomenclature and stability posed by Wolfgang Wuster and his band of thieves,
who have recently engaged in the mass re-naming of hundreds of taxa without
evidence in some serious acts of taxonomic and nomenclatural misconduct in
their own journal in order to bypass any proper form of peer review or
editorial review. Their paper and the response in this journal should be read
by all with an interest in Zoology and systematics.

The link for that paper is here:


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