[Taxacom] Opinions of other taxonomists of Wuster et al's attempt to step outside the Zoological Code!

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I suppose it's appropriate and fair that I publish the views of taxonomist Dr Glenn Shea in terms of the Wuster et. al. (AKA Kaiser et. al.) blog rant that was recently published in the journal one of them edits.
I have bold texted the relevant parts.

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Subject: RE: Ash conference and submission of article adverse to myself

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 02:27:13 +0000


was asked to approve/resolve a prewritten statement, supplied by Kaiser,
supporting a Kaiser manuscript submitted to Herp Review. I have no idea
whether the ms. is actually to be published there, or when, and I am assuming
the ms. is similar to the one which was circulating last year. Despite several
requests by Kaiser last year that I provide a letter of support for his
manuscript, I repeatedly advised him that was not interested in supporting it.

prewritten statement he provided to ASH was clearly ridiculous and unworkable,
and full of the usual gobbledegook that resolutions written by Americans
contain, so I did some rewriting for it to make the points clearer and correct
several errors in it (e.g., distinguishing between nomenclature and taxonomy –
the former is not science, the latter is, and it is only the former that is
under the control of the ICZN – they do not make any rulings on taxonomy). As
one of the authors of the rewritten resolution, I had to second the motion in
order for it to be put to the meeting. However, as I do not agree with the
premise of the motion, I abstained from the actual vote. 

the minutes of the meeting have been approved, they should be published on the
ASH website (and if the Kaiser manuscript is eventually published, the resolution
should accompany it). Until then, they are unavailable (in the same way your
own manuscripts are unavailable to other researchers until they are published
in your journal).



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> Subject: Re: [Taxacom] Paper on taxonomic standards in herpetology
> The Australian Society of Herpetologists AGM minutes containing the 
> motion passed, together with a list of those present and the outcome of 
> the vote, are available here :
> http://www.australiansocietyofherpetologists.org/docs/ash-minutes-37th-AGM-Feb-2013.docx
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