[Taxacom] Identification of spiders from Iran (2nd attempt, apparently first attempt bounced)

Jorge A. Santiago-Blay blayjorge at gmail.com
Wed May 22 13:51:51 CDT 2013

Dear Taxacomers:

I am posting this for Mr. Mahmood Mehrafrooz (mahmood_mehrafrooz at yahoo.com).
He needs references for the identification of spiders from Iran.
Specifically the collections have been done in the Semeskandeh Forest
(long. 36°32'55"N   lat. 53°9'25"E). Ideally, references should have
illustrations and keys for the identification of Iranian spiders. Please,
send messages directly to him (mahmood_mehrafrooz at yahoo.com ; not to me or
to the list). Thank you.

Apologies for cross-posting.

Peace and wellness, sincerely and gratefully,


Jorge A. Santiago-Blay, PhD

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