[Taxacom] Wuster attack on the Nomenclature code - did anyone actually write Kaiser et al or was it the tooth fairy?

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Wed May 22 18:27:53 CDT 2013

Wolfgang, you claimed here on this forum that Kaiser did most of the writing.
Yet he said he never had any part when he sent out the first draft in 2012 - refer to his cover email copied below.
Do we believe you or him?
Or was the bundle of rubbish written by the tooth fairy?
I note your recent comment on the field herp forum that I've cut and pasted here:
Wolfgang Wuster
“So a few mistakes slipped into the Kaiser et al. paper - big  deal, that was hardly the point of the paper.”

My response:
Well that says something  about
the lack of peer review at the so-called journal you and your mates  control!
(9 supposed expert authors, two alleged rounds of peer review ... and these mistakes got through?)
And to allege “a few mistakes” is also a bit rich. Try  dozens!
Put bluntly, your hateful pack of lies should never have been  printed!

Original Message -------- 

  of View needs your help
  Tue, 5
  Jun 2012 19:03:34 -0700 (PDT)
  Kaiser <chalcopis at yahoo.com>
  Kaiser <chalcopis at yahoo.com>
  Kaiser <chalcopis at yahoo.com>


Dear Friends, 


I am acting as secretary for the purpose of neutral dissemination of the
attached Point of View manuscript, put together by an international group of
seven respected herpetological taxonomists. We send this message and its
attachments to you with some urgency, and we request your participation. 


As you may know, some authors circumvent conventional scientific
processes in herpetology and publicize names not for the purposes of science
but for their own aggrandizement. Please view examples of this by downloading
Issue 12 of the "Australasian Journal of Herpetology" at http://www.smuggled.com/AJHIP1.htm. We consider this
practice unscientific, unethical, and a form of scientific fraud. If we, as
professionals, stand idly by while this fraud is perpetrated, then we ourselves
become complicit.  


We therefore plan to submit the attached manuscript as a Point of View
to Herpetological Review, and we wish to do so with the broadest
possible support from the herpetological community. To achieve this end, we
hope you will take the time to read our manuscript, send us your comments, and
let us know whether we may include your name as a supporter (in Appendix
2) or even as a co-author, should the journal feel that broader
authorship can lend our article greater weight with the scientific community.


We also hope that this issue, and maybe our ideas for a solution, will
be discussed in the Annual Meetings of ASIH, HL, and SSAR at the upcoming World
Congress of Herpetology, where we will gladly make ourselves available to
answer questions. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to learn the
identities of the contributors.


Thank you for your time and support,




Hinrich Kaiser PhD FLS

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Victor Valley College

Research Collaborator, National Museum of Natural History

Member, International Advisory Board, Foundation for Post-Conflict

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