[Taxacom] Dealing with the morally reprehensible act of plagiarisation

Raymond Hoser Snakeman Snakebusters Reptile Parties viper007 at live.com.au
Tue May 28 08:58:14 CDT 2013

Dear all, 

I am sure I am not the only one here to have had their
work plagiarized by one or more others.(This being the act of using a person's work and not citing or correctly attributing the data).

Examples in terms of my own work and papers include serial offences by the Wuster et al. (Kaiser et
al.) gang of thieves, a few of many examples of which I list below:

1998a/repeated in Hoser 2002b Acanthophis taxonomy
(confirmed by Aplin and Donnellan 1999, Wells 2002d), (also see support from
Starkey 2008 dating back many years), then plagiarized by Fry et al. 2002 (including Wüster) and
Wüster et al. (2005):

2000b/2003e/2004a Python Taxonomy (confirmed by Rawlings and Donnellan 2003 (“Chondropython” - Hoser 2000), confirmed by Wells 2005
(“Morelia” Carpet Pythons), Rawlings,
et al. 2008 (“Broghammerus” and other genera - Hoser 2003/4)); then plagiarized by O’Shea 2007 (“Leiopython”); also then plagiarized by Schleip
2008 (“Leiopython hoserae” and other from Hoser 2000):

1998b/2000b/2001 “Pseudechis” group
taxonomy (confirmed by Kuch et al. 2005),
then plagiarized by Wüster et. al. (2005):

Hoser 2002a Oxyuranus
taxonomy, plagiarized
by Wüster et. al. (2005):

2003a Pseudonaja taxonomy, plagiarized
by David Williams et al. (including Wüster and O’Shea) (2008).


Of course others have plagiarized my work, particularly
many of my papers on breeding snakes from the 1980’s and 1990’s, but I’ll save
listing them as this would include dozens of entries and this is after all a
taxonomy/nomenclature forum.

While plagiarization is a reprehensible and morally
repugnant act, what sort of actions do you suggest are best to combat this
scourge, both before and after the fact?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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