[Taxacom] Pictures of Jaltomata

Péter Poczai peter.poczai at gmail.com
Tue May 28 14:01:49 CDT 2013

Dear Taxacomers,

I'm looking for good quality pictures of *Jaltomata procumbens*, *J.
auriculata*, *J. sinuosa *and* J. grandiflora* of Solanaceae for my
upcoming study concerning chloroplast evolution of these species. Besides
heavy molecular stuff I would like to include some photographs of these
plants (e.g., flowers, berries) what I don't have, unfortunately. All I can
offer in return is correct credits under the figure legend plus
acknowledgments perhaps.


Péter Poczai, PhD
Marie Curie Research Fellow
Department of Biosciences
University of Helsinki
PO Pox 65, FIN-00014, Helsinki

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