[Taxacom] Automated registration of new taxa just realized

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Hi Lyubo,
You say [quote]This in fact confirms the availability of the published names [unquote]. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, but ZooBank registration in no way confirms availability of new names. For names published electronically, ZooBank registration is a necessary but not sufficient condition for availability of those names. If they fail on other requirements, then the names are unavailable, regardless of ZooBank registration.

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With a clear understanding that it may come too much from us for this week,
I am pleased to announce that automated registration of new taxa at ZooBank
is already a fact. A few months ago, an automated work flow was setup for
higher plants at IPNI. Index Fungorum will use the IPNI model soon, as
being based on the same Code.

All new taxa in yesterday's ZooKeys 346th
issue<http://www.pensoft.net/journals/zookeys/issue/346/>(1 new
family, 2 new genera, and several new species) have been registered
through a server-to-server communication from the journal to ZooBank and
back, using the TaxPub <https://github.com/tcatapano/TaxPub> XML version of
the manuscript.

Why this is important? The proportion of 'turbo-taxonomic' papers
describing hundreds of new taxa increases. Registration of hundreds of new
species is an issue, however it is even more important that the final
publication data on the pre-registered names are reported back to ZooBank
on the day of publication. This in fact confirms the availability of the
published names and saves the authors' time first to register and then to
correct the final data on 'their' names in ZooBank (will they do that at

Next to come is to pipeline registration and publication of other types of
nomenclatural acts used in the two Codes.

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