[Taxacom] For UNIX and Linux geeks

rcpm20 at bath.ac.uk rcpm20 at bath.ac.uk
Mon Nov 4 14:19:20 CST 2013

Hi Bob,

As a bit of a linux geek myself I love seeing your bash-based code and  
plain-text data. If all published data was so usably-formatted I would  
be very happy.

Zenity was new to me, but the rest of those commands and syntax are  
pretty much what have sustained me through all the phylogenetic data  
wrangling needed for my PhD.

Thanks for sharing!


PS Have you thought about putting that data and code on  
http://github.com ? I can see several advantages: versioning, history,  
comments, community forking/input, altmetrics...
Great to see data in a friendly, machine-readable, ready-to-reuse  
format anyhow!

PPS If you're a fan (like me) of classic bash commands, you might  
like: http://csvkit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ It has csv-aware  
equivalents of commands like cut, grep, join, sort and more...

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