[Taxacom] Herbarium Kitaibelianum

Zoltán Barina barina at bot.nhmus.hu
Tue Nov 5 06:24:24 CST 2013

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to inform you that the digital version of the herbarium of 
Pál Kitaibel (1757-1817) is available online: 
Pál Kitaibel was the most significant early scientist, first of all 
botanist, of the Carpathian Basin and the author of a number of vascular 
plant taxa, mostly together with Adam Waldstein (learn more here: 
The home page is in Hungarian, but it is possible to search for words 
(=szavak), specimen ID (=azonosító), original name (=eredeti név), text 
of label (cédulaszöveg), revising person (=revideáló) and for the taxon 
name after revision(s) (=revízió utáni név). Use wildcards as *: any 
text; !: one character; ?: in place of 0 or 1

Best wishes:
Zoltán Barina

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