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You don't need help for obtaining it, you can purchase it right on the
site listed!  Just click on "Order a copy."

Many, if not most US taxonomic dissertations and theses include a
disclaimer that they are not intended to meet the conditions of the ICZN
for availability, and this excludes all acts therein from validity under
Art. 8.2.  Too bad Germany does not do this as well.  However, I don't
really think the German system meets "Art. 8.1.2. it must be obtainable,
when first issued, free of charge or by purchase"  as you cannot order an
original copy.  US Dissertations are not available either, but the
disclaimer takes the possibility out of all future consideration.


> Dear colleagues
> How valid is description of new beetles in thesis and dissertations? For
example can you help me to get pdf of:
> http://search.proquest.com//docview/814899618
> <http://search.proquest.com/docview/814899618>
> Thank you
> Vratislav
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