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Ayhan Senkardesler ayhan.senkardesler at ege.edu.tr
Tue Nov 19 05:57:34 CST 2013

Dear Peter,

Good job.

However, I couldn't find any record of lichen forming fungi of 
Urceolaria rhizophora Del. in your database.

As you remember, I sent several times e-mail to you over the last 3 
years, but you did not replied so far.

I hope that you will finally find time for my request on Urceolaria 
rhizophora Del.



On 19.11.2013 13:10, Peter A. Schäfer wrote:
> The herbarium at the University in Montpellier (France) is one of the
> bigger herbaria and holds lots of historical collections. Since 2004 MPU
> has participated in the imaging projects that are the base of JSTOR plants
> science. The plant specimen images made in Montpellier can also be seen on
> the local website :
> http://www.collections.univ-montp2.fr/herbier-mpu-presentation/base-de-donnees-botanique-herbier-mpu;
> (in French).
> You can also read (in French) a more detailed presentation at:
>   http://www.tela-botanica.org/actu/article5957.html?var_recherche=Global .
> Peter A. Schäfer
> For more informations please contact: herbier-mpu at univ-montp2.fr
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