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Tue Nov 19 11:44:50 CST 2013

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 I'm looking for graduate students, researchers, and faculty who use
spreadsheets for managing their research data, to participate in a user study
aimed at exposing relationships among large collections of spreadsheets.

 The study involves testing a web application (RelateSheets) that help
researchers identify relationships between datasets stored on their laptops
or shared storage. The discovery of relationships such as
*containment*,* complementation,
augmentation *and more, can significantly help you rediscover connections
between your datasets: redundancies, derivations, transformations, and
more, which we believe can dramatically simplify data analysis and
discovery tasks.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to provide two spreadsheets
that you use in your research work, to visually inspect your spreadsheets
for relationships, to use RelateSheets to help you discover relationships
between the spreadsheets you provided, and to give your feedback about the
relationship-identification process with and without the help of
RelateSheets.  The tool will not ask you to identify yourself, and no
personal information about you or your performance is being gathered.

Your help will be very appreciated as this study is an important part of my
PhD research.

Please reply to this email if you are interested in participating in this
study. The study is expected to take less than an hour.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regard,
 Abdussalam Alawini
 <alawini at pdx.edu>

Bryan Heidorn
University of Arizona

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