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Dear All,


        More complete genetic evidence has been presented indicating even more interbreeding between Neanderthals, modern humans, denisovans, etc.  Here's a weblink to the latest news:     





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Subject: Homo sapiens rhodesiensis (was "Is the Company..."
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Hi John,
       I believe that the Broken Hill skull is the type specimen of Homo sapiens rhodesiensis.  It is more likely to be the ancestor (or sister group) of Homo sapiens idaltu and Homo sapiens sapiens.  The closely related Homo sapiens heidelbergensis is the likely ancestor of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.  See my classification of genus Homo posted on Taxacom (in 2009) below.
    1  Homo habilis%
                   1  H. h. rudolfensis
                   2  H. h. habilis
                   3  {{H. erectus + H. sapiens}} 

  _a_ Homo erectus%
                    1  H. e. georgicus
                    ?  H. e. floresiensis ("hobbit")
                    2  H. e. ergaster
                    3  H. e. erectus
                  _a_  {{Homo sapiens}}  

    _a_ Homo sapiens
                    1  H. s. antecessor
                    B  H. s. cepranensis
                    2  H. s. heidelbergensis
                  _a_  H. s. neanderthalensis
                    3  H. s. rhodesiensis
                    4  H. s. idaltu
                    5  H. s. sapiens 

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