[Taxacom] Wikipedia politics: the future don't look so bright

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Thu Nov 21 09:49:26 CST 2013

What I said was "All I did was to add a link, ... AND 
a brief summary." [emphasis added]

Also, I did not "infer that what he was doing was 
regressive", but I said so loud and clear; this was a 
descriptive statement. Note that this is pretty much 
what has held back Wikispecies so much in the past. 
Certainly it is quite understandable that there are 
those at the English Wikipedia who call for a ban of 

And please feel free to have as high an opinion of Stephen 
Thorpe's botanical expertise as you like!

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  To be fair about it, you did more than just "add a link".  Your comment about Stephen's botanical expertise was a personal jab, and you did infer that what he was doing was regressive.  

  This from a neutral reader who has no stake in the "debate" that may follow.

  Dick J

  On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 3:58 AM, Paul van Rijckevorsel <dipteryx at freeler.nl> wrote:

    Wikipedia, and in fact the whole Wikimedia empire, is a
    battleground, with indeed very many who are all set on
    winning the taxonomy contest (There Can Be Only One
    Taxonomy, namely MINE). It is not a pretty place.

    All I did was to add a link, for those who might be
    interested in reading for themselves what Stephen Thorpe's
    post was about, and a brief summary. That Stephen
    is willing to 'debate' the issue at length will surprise nobody.


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