[Taxacom] Wikipedia politics: the future don't look so bright

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Thu Nov 21 10:09:32 CST 2013


I don't see that Wikispecies has much call to involve 
itself with "higher classification"; there is not much 
agreement on the topic and it is of no practical

Let me point out that the ICNafp has abandoned
Bryophyta as a useful name and has switched to

For pragmatic data management informal terms 
for major groups are much preferable, starting
with "Angiosperms".


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  It appears that me slightly tongue-in-cheek challenge has been misinterpreted by some on this list. All I meant was, would you care to elaborate? I would like to discuss the issues relating to higher classification, paraphyly, and pragmatic data management on a site such as Wikispecies.

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  I'll happily take you on in a one-on-one rational debate on Taxacom regarding any specific issue relating to your vague comment below. Bring it on!

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  > I am talking Wikipedia here, not Wikispecies. FYI, there are bunches of
  > Wikipedia editors conspiring to obtain absolute control over content. They
  > are also not at all happy about the fact that Wikispecies is way ahead of
  > them in biodiversity stuff, and are lobbying (hopefully unsuccessfully) to
  > get it shut down. Our old "friend" Stemonitis actually seems something of
  > a moderate compared to these others!

  It might have been helpful to include a link. This appears to be

  Long story short, Stephen Thorpe, being the expert on botany
  that he is, has decided to set back the clock on Wikispecies
  by four years, to the position that Wikispecies had been
  struggling to escape for the four years prior to that.


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