[Taxacom] Acronyms of museum collections.

Mary Barkworth Mary.Barkworth at usu.edu
Sun Nov 24 09:18:23 CST 2013

I think the link that was wanted was to the Global Registry of Biodepositories: http://grbio.org/

It is an attempt to build a complete listing of all depositories of biological collections. Those of us in herbaria are happy that it accepts all the Index herbariorum codes, adding <IH> to them to show the source - and thereby eliminate any conflict with other non-herbarium collections having the same code. It also draws on information from the Biodiversity Collections Index. One goal is to ensure that each collection has a unique identifier. There are apparently 130 codes that are currently being used for two or more collections or institutions.
I do not think it is currently designed to tell you what kinds of organisms are in each collection but I have not looked into it very deeply. 

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