[Taxacom] Acronyms of museum collections.

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Stuart et al.,

Thanks for raising the question which gives me an opportunity to repeat the announcement and add an update.  I think you are referring to my announcement in late October of the launch of the Global Registry of Biological Repositories (GRBio, now live at www.grbio.org).  This is a merger of three previous registries: Index Herbariorum, Biodiversity Collections Index, and biorepositories.org.  These had already incorporated data from smaller registries such as the Insect and Spider collection database so GRBio is the most comprehensive and integrated resource for this type of information.  GRBio has more than 7,000 institutional records plus the ability to register:

   - the separate collections within institutions, 
   - research collections that haven't yet been accessioned into instutions,
   - privately owned collections, and
   - staff members of biological repositories.

We hope that the community will adopt GRBio as the standard source of information on biorepositories.  We count on your help in keeping it updated through GRBio's online data entry system.

Taxonomy has always been a highly distributed enterprise so the growth of biodiversity informatics and the implementation of data standards have faced some challenges.  InstitutionIDs are an example.  Each institution normally has an InstitutionID and each of its subsidiary collections should have a CollectionID.  InstitutionIDs should be globally unique but the distributed nature of taxonomy has led to the use of some InstIDs by more than one institution. (CollectionIDs aren't a problem since they only have to be unique within the parent institution to avoid ambiguity). 

GRBio has resolved all but about 130 of these ambiguous InstIDs and we have created a crowd-sourcing portal to collect information about the remaining synonymies.  The list of the institutions that have been reported to have used one of these ambiguous InstIDs is posted at http://goo.gl/Uanjjd.  There are separate worksheets sorted by InstID and by country.  Please take a quick look at the list and then leave us any information you may have about them through the web-form at http://www.barcodeoflife.org/psa/GRBioform.html.

Thanks for your help in populating GRBio with the most current and useful information.

Regards to all,

David Schindel
Consortium for the Barcode of Life
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC

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Some weeks back i half remember some discussion about museum repositories and acronyms, e.g AMNH.
There was a link to a webpage i followed which listed a vast number of museums/botanical gardens/collections,their acronyms (sometimes redundant), and addresses but i can't find those details again. Can anyone suggest where those were please?
In hope,stuart

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