[Taxacom] How good is peer review...

Philipp Wagner philipp.wagner.zfmk at uni-bonn.de
Sun Oct 6 05:42:50 CDT 2013

Of course these restrictions are inadequat, because they dont solve the 
problem. Everybody who is able to run a personal journal without 
external peer-review is able to fullfill these restrictions. There are 
nomenclaturalists who just name unnamed clades resulted from other 
studies.  That would never work with a peer-review system, even if it is 
a bad one. And here, its even not a "surviving of new names of good 
taxonomy", because its not taxonomy and the restrictions are not adequat 
enough to simply ignore these names.

Bob Mesibov schrieb:
> Philipp Wagner wrote:
> 'In nomenclature the open access journals are not the great problem I think. A much more serious problem are online-only journals. With modern technology every private person is able to develop a journal and can write dubious ideas without any review. This is in fact the problem.'
> The problem is larger than private-person journals, as the spoof paper described in Science demonstrates. The ICZN moved on this problem and amended section 8 of the Code to allow electronic-only (valid) publishing only under certain conditions (see, for example, http://www.pensoft.net/journals/zookeys/article/3944/).
> Do you think these restrictions are inadequate?

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