[Taxacom] availability and type locality

Fabio Crocetta fabiocrocetta at alice.it
Mon Oct 7 03:04:15 CDT 2013

Dear taxacomers,
I have a doubt that presumably most of you can easily solve. When a binomial name is nomen nudum in a paper by the author XY, who worked with material in Italy, but then is made available by a subsequent author (ABC), who worked with material from Spain...
the correct name should be Genus species XY in ABC, and the correct type locality will be the original one (that of the nomen nudum – Italy) or that of the subsequent author who made it available (Spain)? It looks like it should be “Spain” because the original binomial name, being nomen nudum, formally do not exist. But...is there an unknown (to me) rule of the CODE that says that?

Thanks in advance

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