[Taxacom] Invitation to people who are the subject of Wikipedia biographies

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Oct 8 10:11:43 CDT 2013


Some of you are sufficiently notable in your work that you are the
subject of a Wikipedia article. Or you may know other people to whom
that applies.

I run a Wikipedia project which invites anyone who is the subject of a
Wikipedia biography to record a brief (usually around ten seconds;
more if they wish) sample of their spoken voice, to "illustrate" that
article, and particularly to demonstrate how they pronounce their

Contributors so far include an astronaut who walked on the moon, a
peer of the realm, and the head of Arts Council England, as well as
scientists,  sportspeople, musicians, politicians, journalists,
authors, and more.

Typically people say:

     "Hello, my name is [name]. I was born in [place]
     and I have been [job or position] since [year]"

Multi-lingual subjects can contribute in each of the languages in
which they feel confident (in separate files; or one long file with
pauses, so that we can divide it).

A good example is the recording on the article about Howard Goodall:


(you should see a "play" button in the panel beneath his picture).

Further details, and a guide on how to contribute, may be found in my blog post:


but I'm happy to answer any questions.

If the above applies to you or to someone you know, please contribute
a recording, or ask them to.

Andy Mabbett

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