[Taxacom] Reality check - lies and hate by academic fraud Wolfgang Wuster on Wikipedia!

Raymond Hoser - The Snakeman viper007 at live.com.au
Wed Oct 9 07:29:22 CDT 2013

Dear all, My apologies to the noisy minority (Wuster’s close friends) who lack a sense of humor and a sensible grasp of reality, including those who approve of demonstrably false material on Wikipedia.

For the record, the victim of the campaign of smear and innuendo is myself, Raymond Hoser, and others, such as Dr. Ross Wellington.  Wuster is the perpetrator and certainly not the victim.

He has been smearing me with lies and hate comments on the internet and elsewhere since 1998, including on a website he was a party to called “Ray Hoser, Melbourne’s biggest Wanker” and various illegal online hate petitions, which we eventually shut down on the basis of an order I had to go to court to get. 

It says something when a taxonomist has to waste valuable time and money to get lawyers involved to stop a campaign of hatred directed not just against myself, but also my wife and kids, who Wuster himself supported getting unlawfully arrested at gunpoint at their primary school, noting that this was a course of action backed by Wuster that a pair of Supreme Court judges condemned in a judgement on 8 June last year!

I am not alone as a victim of Wuster’s mental instability and actions against national laws, and we'll ignore the several women who have complained about sexual harassment by him at Bangor University, but instead refer to his long-running contempt for the rules of zoology, which happens to be the very topic of this forum and after all, it is best to remain on topic!  Last year, US Tortoise taxonomist Bill McCord also had to get lawyers onto Wuster and sidekick, Hinrich Kaiser, from the creationist theory teaching institution called “Victor Valley College”, when Wuster and Kaiser made repeated baseless claims to a global audience against McCord’s taxonomy. These being his usual assertions of taxonomic vandalism, unscientific papers and the like, all for the purpose of setting himself up to steal naming rights for the large number of taxa formally described and named by McCord and several associates of his.  All this, so that Wolfgang Wuster himself could put his mates names on species as patronyms previously named by others under the code.

I could go on about the reckless and dangerous conduct of Wuster, itself a serious threat to the integrity of the work of all living and dead taxonomists. But perhaps those interested in the dangerous tactics of the obsessive and mentally unstable Wuster, and who would prefer the cold hard facts, rather than a funny Youtube parody, then these people should take a read here:


 All the Best. Raymond Hoser

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> On Wed, October 9, 2013 13:03, Mike Sadka wrote:
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> > Please, please stop spamming this list with your personal gripes about individual taxonomists.
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> I agree with Mike Sadka. Please stop.  It's annoying even if I don't even open *any* Hoser mail anymore.
> Thank you for your consideration
> Erik Rijkers

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