[Taxacom] Reality check - lies and hate by academic fraud Wolfgang Wuster on Wikipedia!

Dan Lahr dlahr at ib.usp.br
Thu Oct 10 09:35:46 CDT 2013

+1 to John.

Ignoring is superior to banning, IMHO. Not replying or not giving any
attention to spammers, flammers, is also a very effective way to get them
to quiet down. People need to learn to use filters, sorters, and all of the
wonderful tools sitting right there inside your browser/email viewer.

BUT, the owners of the list have decided, hence we should just abide.

Daniel J. G. Lahr
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On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:26 AM, John Grehan <calabar.john at gmail.com>wrote:

> Raymond's main transgression seems to me) to be that he continues to use
> this venue to disparage various colleagues in a repetitive and
> uninformative manner. I always worry about calls to ban something (after
> all the prestigious journal Systematic Biology has allowed publications
> effectively calling for the banning of panbiogeography). Rather than
> banning, why not use the delete button or a sorting function? At various
> times subscribers on this list have got tired of a particular topic and
> want the thread to end while others want to continue. Any list is not going
> to make everyone happy all of the time. There are often topics discussed at
> great length on this list that do not interest me. But I do not complain
> about that as they are of interest to others. So I just delete - only takes
> a few seconds. There are list members who use this for some of my postings
> and that is quite ok with me. Better than banning postings or burning
> books.
> John Grehan

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