[Taxacom] Invertebrates (non arthropods) systematist position, Geneva

Jean Mariaux mariauxj at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 04:27:41 CDT 2013

A position of *Chargé de Recherche* («Research Officer») has been opened in
the Dpt of Invertebrates of the Museum of Natural History of Geneva

The full announcement will be available shortly (probably early next week)

http://www.ville-geneve.ch/administration-municipale/offres-emploi/*  *

(look for the offer for  «Chargé de Recherche, Muséum d’histoire naturelle»)

and a short English translation is provided below. Such positions are
rather senior level and a PhD is needed to apply, they require both public
and scientific activities.

Mission and Responsibilities:

Participate in the scientific administration of the department. Transmit
knowledge to a diverse public. Develop an autonomous scientific research
plan. Manage collections. Take part in the development of temporary and
permanent exhibitions as well as in pedagogic activities.


PhD in the field of organismal biology. Excellent knowledge and strong
publication record in the systematics of a non-arthropod invertebrate group
(with a preference for Mollusca, parasitic Platyhelminthes or a non-marine
group, although other groups will also be considered). Experience in
collection management. Interest in scientific popularisation. Written and
spoken French and English (other languages an asset). Availability for

Please note that, if selected, you will need to live in or around Geneva.
Application deadline is *November 5*.

N.B.: The position is in principle open to any qualified person, but I
should emphasize the fact that in practice, and for administrative reasons,
it is very difficult to hire non-European candidates.

If interested, do not hesitate to contact me (Jean Mariaux,
mariauxj at gmail.com) <mariauxj at gmail.com>for further information although I
will be in the field for most of the application period and might be slow
to reply. Information can also be requested from Peter Schuchert (
peter.schuchert at ville-ge.ch)

Prof Jean Mariaux
Curator Dpt of Invertebrates
Museum d'Histoire Naturelle
CP6434  -  CH-1211 Geneve 6  -  Switzerland

Ph/fax: +41 22 418 6343/6301      ORCID:
0000-0002-9601-855X <http://orcid.org/0000-0002-9601-855X>
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