[Taxacom] Abbreviation of Latin genus names

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Fri Oct 11 15:37:54 CDT 2013

On 10/11/13 1:30 PM, P├ęter Poczai wrote:
> Dear Taxacomers,
> How would you abbreviate Latin genus names starting with Ph /f/ or Ae /aj/
> Oe /oj/ etc?
> e.g. Phaeobotryosphaeria citrigena = Ph. citrigena or P. citrigena
>        Aegilops tauschii = Ae. tauschii or A. tauschii
Normally, abbreviations are context-specific. If a work contains no 
other generic abbreviations starting with the same letter, then a single 
letter is used. Extra letters are used only when there is a possibility 
of confusion *within that work*. Bear in mind that the first time a name 
appears in a work (other than in the title/abstract), the genus name 
should be spelled in full.


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