[Taxacom] Abbreviation of Latin genus names

David Redei david.redei at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 19:20:14 CDT 2013

> But, there was a very quick realization that there could be confusion with
> Aedes and Anopheles when abbreviatons were used.
> I do recall the grumblings and such at that time.  But, there should have
> been no grumblings, as
> those who used "A." for Aedes should have realized with the Latin Grammar
> law that they should be useing "Ae.".

The "Ae" in the beginning of this name is not a diphthong (ae), but it is
simply a+e, and therefore correctly should be abbreviated as "A." This name
comes from Greek ἀηδής aēdēs 'unpleasant', it is a composition of prefix a-
'not, without' + ēdos 'pleasure'. It also should be pronounciated
accordingly, with a short "a" and then a long "e" in the beginning.

Therefore those who used "A." for "Aedes" acted correctly, even if perhaps
unintentionally. Ae... must not be always automatically abbreviated as
"Ae.", etymology should always be considered.

David Redei

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