[Taxacom] Help with reference

Juan Francisco Araya jfaraya at u.uchile.cl
Mon Oct 14 22:00:53 CDT 2013

Dear Taxacomers:

Sorry to bother but; does anybody can help me in obtaining the next
article? I have tried to contact the author (Dr. Katryn Linse) but without
success and I cannot find the article online. The article in question is
the next:

Linse, K. 2002. The shelled Magellanic Mollusca: with special reference to
biogeography relations in the Southern Ocean. Theses Zoologicae 34: 1-252

If someone have that work (in PDF, scanned or paper) and can help me it
would be great, as I am describing some new species and I am lacking some
key references to taxa described in that paper.
Well, thanks for your attention,


Juan Francisco.

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