[Taxacom] What can Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) do for you?

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Hi Mary,


      I agree with that minor point.  Alismaceae is an incorrect spelling (by someone who didn't know proper Latin).  But the major point is that it certainly is not incertae sedis, and it should be listed under Alismataceae by GBIF (not incertae sedis).  Incertae sedis should be reserved for taxa which are truly of uncertain placement----not a dumping ground for names like Alismaceae.  I'm a zoologist, not a botanist, and even I spotted that one immediately.  






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> Minor point but Alismaceae is not an alternative spelling in the sense that Poaceae and Gramineae are alternatives. It is an incorrect spelling. For convenience it could be treated as a synonym - just to take care of the records that use it - but it is simply a mispelling.
> Mary
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