[Taxacom] Is the Company "YourSpecies" in Barcelona for real or ahoax?

Chris Thompson xelaalex at cox.net
Tue Oct 22 07:16:35 CDT 2013


I can not tell you whether this is an hoax or real,

BUT I can tell you there have been various efforts to do the same in the 
past and ALL have been failures.

Years ago, I did name new species after Paul Allen and Bill Gates (google 
"Eristalis gatesi" and see what you get), but while that did generate lots 
of publicity, etc., neither ever made a donation to the Smithsonian 
Institution for Diptera research. [Yes, Bill and Melinda Gates have made 
contributions to the Smithsonian, etc., but not for Diptera Research!]

The bottom line is few if any person is going to pay into this new effort 
for naming opportunities.



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Dear all,

Can anyone tell us if the company “YourSpecies” in Barcelona for real or a 
scam? See below.

YourSpecies is a company that offers a new way to fundraise your taxonomy 

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A new way to sponsor your research

Our goal is to help you sponsor your biodiversity projects.

YourSpecies is a private initiative that seeks to increase the funding and 
reward for new species discoveries.

Our basic idea is to use the naming rights of the new species by taxonomists 
as a way to produce an economic benefit for them.



Increase your chances of fundraising your projects

We know that describing a new species is very time consuming as well as very 
expensive. We love the idea that selling the name of your new species will 
help you to sponsor your research projects and allowing you to earn money 
doing what you love to do.


Finding a sponsor

Finding a sponsor can be tough work. Fortunately, we know how to find them 
and let them know about your projects and your new discovered species. So 
you can focus on your work while we find the money that you need to keep 
doing it.


Submit your Species in 3 clicks

We take care of everything you need to find a sponsor. It’s free. You only 
have to send us the “submitter form” and, after reviewing it, your species 
will be displayed on our website.

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Our mailing address is:
Avinguda de Pau Casals, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, CT 08021

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