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The answer to your first question is 'no'! One problem is that it is impossible to disentangle nominal species (=species names) from names for recognised taxa (species). You would have to track all synonymies (many of which would be disputed anyway), and you would be left with a mixture of names which apply to recognised species plus names which may or may not apply to recognised species, and it would require taxonomic revision to sort out which was which. So, unless you can revise everything taxonomically in an undisputed way, there is no way to answer your question! As for your second question, ION would come closest, but it is not comprehensive.

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Is there a way to know/estimate how many animal species are described? 
I'm not talking about how many species are supposed to be out there, but 
how many are actually described?
And another question: Is there a database with scientific names ONLY for 
animals? (like Global Names Index which lists ALL sort of scientifc names)

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