[Taxacom] expert in Indo-Pacific Buccinidae?

Fabio Crocetta fabiocrocetta at alice.it
Thu Oct 24 14:30:15 CDT 2013

Dear all,
I'm currently working on some material from Lebanon (eastern Mediterranean 
Sea), and among the samples I have found a strange and quite big (around 2 
cm) Buccinidae . I'm sure it is not a Mediterranean species (I exclude it is 
a freak specimen), nor an undescribed relict (the fauna from Israel is quite 
well known - Barash & Danin, 1992 - and they do not report about something 
similar to it). Even if it has been found as empty shell only, the material 
is all very fresh, and that's why I would exclude it may be a fossil 
species. Therefore, I definitively would suggest it should be a 
still-to-be-recorded alien species, presumably from the Indo-Pacific. Do the 
molluscan experts in this list know who is now considered the best expert on 
Indo-Pacific Buccinidae? I cannot find any, but I also know that my 
knowledge outside the Mediterranean Sea is limited. Please let me know.
All the best

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